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The worldwide community of independent artists "Spotify Gang" is a network of mutual support. I'm grateful to be integrated in this wonderful group. As a gesture of gratitude I want to support the members albums. immerse yourself in worlds of sound that you have not yet experienced. Make this page your personal radio station.






Glenn Roth

Welcome Home






Eldar Ibrahimovic







Martin Valins

Let the Music Start






Casper Esman







Jürg Kindle







Milana Zilnik







Rada Neal

Eighth Essence





Songs of Eden

Evening Meditations






Andy Salvanos

Solar Cycles





Kirsten Agresta Copely

Around The Sun






Lynn Tredeau

All the Pieces






Jim Kimo West

more guitar stories






Jesse Brown

Where To






Steven Vrancken

In Between






Daryl Shawn

safe in sound






Michelle Qureshi






Brian Kelly

Tomorrow's Daydream






Mark Grundhoefer

Sound in a Vacuum






Holly Jones

art on the piano






Jürgen Saalmann

28 Days



Jürg Kindle

Im Stadelacker 4a

9212 Arnegg Switzerland


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