1988 Diplom Programm

Dusty Tape


there once was a memory medium called "Music Cassette (MC)". As young persons, we recorded our favourits from the radio or from our longplay vinyl discs. The capacity of the tape was about 90 minutes. I had maybe 20 of these MC's, knowing every track on them. this was in the seventies. In the eighties Sony created the "Walkman". So we were able to listen our MC's wherever we liked. My first recording System was a Sony MC Recorder, a revolution after the Revox A and B Series.

I recently found in my attic a dusty MC tape from the year 1988 entitled "Kirche St.Georgen Diplomprogramm". I had to buy a cassette player to listen to the old tape and I was amazed of the good sound and I thought that I played my diploma-program not bad those days. It must have been the same time I started composing music for guitar.

So here are the digitized tracks for you, hope you enjoy