It is my pleasure to take you on a journey through my more than 40 years of service to the guitar

Premiere "Walpurgis" Hersbruck 2023

Premiere "Les Voyages de Gulliver" Valence 2022

work commissions (selection)

Thanks to my compositions, I was able to make great contacts all over the world. My works range from guitar solo to guitar orchestra and everything in between. Perhaps you are the conductor of a guitar orchestra, organizer of a guitar festival, or you are looking for competition pieces. Just ask me for a composition commission. All commissions will be published after the premiere in Edition Kalimba with the name of the customer.

All Hands On Deck

commissioned by JugendGitarrenOrchester-Hamburg

Flying Carpet 

commissioned by Austin Classical Guitar Community Ensemble      

Mambo Chutney  

commissioned by James W. Robinson Secondary School                       

commissioned by the Lincoln-Way Central High School Music Boosters

2018 Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival,
Transmission  (guitar symphony N°2)

commissioned by la semaine de la guitare 2014 Toulon France

Les Voyages de Gulliver  (guitar symphony N°3)  

composé pour la 6ème édition du festival international Drôme de Guitares            
The Four Trains 

commissioned by Las Vegas Academy Guitar Program-Bill Swick, Director                                
The Virginia Trios

commissioned by the Alexandria Guitars

Die zertanzten Schuhe  

commissioned by JugendZupfOrchester Nordrhein Westfalen


Jürgs workshops and seminars

I'm specialised in:

  • Ensemble teaching. Huge repertoire of original compositions and arrangements present
  • pedagogy and didactics workshops, own textbook and studies at all levels
  • lectures on music education topics, in German language
  • arranging course for guitar ensemble


discover Jürgs guitar releases, links to all streaming platforms, audio preview

meanwhile my catalogue has reached 7,5 million streams on Spotify and 1 million on Pandora. My music is regularely added to prominent editorial playlists and radio stations. Including also collaborations with great artists all over the world as well as steel string, and classical guitar solos. I would describe my music between classical, crossover and new age. It would be my pleasure to welcome you as a listener and follower.


welcome back ! POP STYLES - NEW EDITION in www.editionkalimba.ch

classical guitar channel

As a classical guitar player I have released more than 8 hours of music on all streaming services. Among my own pieces for classical guitar and steel string guitar I have set myself the goal of publishing the repertoire of 700 years in music history on my "Classical Guitar Channel" on Spotify. there is still work to be done !

2022 starts with great projects

As a classical trained guitarist and a former drummer I decided now to release also pop cover songs under my moniker "Henry Delkin". I choose this name because my second name is Heinrich, and Delkin is an Anagramm of the letters of Kindle. Now I give free rein to this sub-personality. So funny to have more steel string guitar projects! My first cover is Pink's Hymn "Dear Mr. President" next piece coming up is "Space Oddity" by the great David Bowie. There is so much good music in all music styles. And the guitar is predestined to play all styles of music. My classical projects and my own compositions will  as usual be released under Jürg Kindle.

Space Oddity

Music by David Bowie

Henry Delkin Guitar

release Date January 14.2022


Since many years, I'm familiar with Gurdjieff's work (1866-1949). He speaks of a fourth way as a synthesis and further development of the three traditional ways to the evolution of thinking (yogi), feeling (monk) and body (fakir). Accordingly, the Fourth Way runs in daily life - not behind monastery walls or in the distant Himalayas - and in three ideally synchronous lines under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Gurdjieff developed dance choreographies that are all based on the geometry of the Enneagram. On his travels through the Orient he recorded dozens of pieces of music. "Meditation" with its stoic bass motif and the oriental garlands above touches the heart deeply. I play it with baritone and classical guitar and added the sound of the surf.

"Hymn From A great Temple" is another deep touching piece which leads to our inner sources. In the clear morning light, surrounded by trees and singing birds, we discover an old temple. From it the chanting of monks can be heard. We dare to come closer and enter. Our thoughts become calm and we have arrived in our midst. In peace we leave this wonderful place again.


Meditation (andante con moto)

Music by G.I. Gurdjieff

Jürg Kindle Guitars and arrangement

release date January 7th


Hymn From A great Temple

Music by G.I. Gurdjieff

Jürg Kindle Guitars and arrangement

release date January 21,


Last year I started releasing music with Florecilla Records. I received wonderful support for many of my pieces. My streams have tripled since then. I am happy to have many issues with Florecilla Records this year too. The first comes out on February 11th. "Pedacinhos do Ceu", (Pieces of Heaven) a wonderful Brazilian chôro, played on the classical guitar, and the famous "Cavatina" by Stanley Myers from "The Deer Hunter" in a guitar solo version, release date is April 15th. Empathy is a guitar solo. It is sending out gratitude and kindness









Pedacinhos do Ceu

Music by Waldyr Azevedo

Jürg Kindle Guitar

release date February 11.

(Florecilla Records)










Music by Jürg Kindle

Jürg Kindle, Guitar

release date March 11.

(Florecilla Records)









Cavatina (From The Deer Hunter)

Music by Stanley Myers

Jürg Kindle Guitar

release date April 15.

(Florecilla Records))

latest publication

G.Bizet, Habanera from Carmen,

guitar solo arrangement

by Jürg Kindle


PDF published in Edition Kalimba




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