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In 2019 I started releasing songs on the streaming platforms. Today I have + - 100'000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 3 Million streams on Pandora. I collaborate with great artists from all over the world. During Corona Pandemy it was a great chance to realize musical projects.


Among many of my compositions it was my goal to record also a huge classical repertory from the Renaissance up to contemporary guitar music. All my compositions on the platforms are also available as sheet music in Edition Kalimba


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featuring: Kirsten Agresta Copely, Chris Kramer, Denis Turbide, Peter Lainson, Reentko, Agustin Amigo, Saki Hatzigeorgiou, Andy Salvanos, Jim Kimo West,Holly Jones, Dimitri Kindle, Dany Kuhn, Irina Maria Garbini



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