learn to play classical guitar with Jürg Kindle

It is my pleasure to share with you my 42 years of experience in guitar teaching. This online school starts with the elementary skills. A good posture and a relaxed body is the most important pre-condition to improve musicality and technique. If we don't take care on the first steps we're leading the students into one way road. This online course is a didactic school for guitar teachers but also a constructive method for students of all ages who want to learn to play classical guitar seriously and with diligence and discipline

Lesson 1

Apoyando and Tirando, the two main mouvements of the right hand

Lesson 2

the thumb of the right hand,first arpeggios for accompaniment

Lesson 3

the classical position on the instrument

Lesson 4

The right hand

Lesson 5

the fretboard / reading music


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