More than one Guitar

Since my first days as a guitar pedagogue and composer I'm excited about what happens between people who join together in ensembles, orchestras or small groups. I can't  get enough of this happy moments with my students or at guitar festivals. It always was my goal to expand the catalogue of good contemporary guitar music. Now, 40 years later I can look back to a rich work of ensemble music: 12 guitar trios, 35 guitar quartets and several works for large guitar orchestra. It's a great pleasure to listen and see all the youtube clips playing my music all over the world and all the wonderful feedbacks of ensemble conducters and players.


Now in times of corona, this wonderful moments disappeared from our daily radar. Nothing can replace this high moments, neither online sessions nor concerts behind masks. I'm hopeful we can turn back someday and enjoy again this deep sense of community.


I listed here my ensemble works for you to listen on Spotify. All the music is also for free listening on Bandcamp

All scores of the music are available in Edition Kalimba


Enjoy listening



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