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original works


guitar solo


12 Préludes


3 Sonatines




L’Ete Infini


Les Planètes / The Planets


On The Rocks


Sonata “Back To The Roots”










Mountain Spring


Crossroads (2nd Sonata)




Rock Sonata


Manege frei


Guitar Circus




Pedros Traum


Klick guitar method


Solotrip 1 (50 studies)


Solotrip 2 (50 studies)


Variations on “Ode To Joy”


Guggisberg Variationen




The Guitar Solo Works Vol.1


The Guitar Solo Works Vol.2




Celtic Fantasy


Close To You




Green Hope


Midsummer Romance


Northern Lights






Secret Garden


Siuíl a Rún


Tango in Space


Touching the Invisible


Untold Story






Sun Shower


Pieces From Paradise


guitar duo









Le cercle magique 24 Duos 




guitar  trio




Agua Con Gas                                


Virginia Tango                                 


Dream Catcher                                


Where You Belong                       

Dangerous Sky                                


Oriental Beauty                               




The Magician                                   






The Sound Of Paradiddle


Mango Tango           



guitar  quartet


Kalimba, Kangogi, Berimbao      

(25th anniversary edition)                           


Call From Afar                            




Techno   (pop styles N°1)                                           

Funky    (pop styles N°1)                                               

Drum n’ Bass     (pop styles N°1)


Guitar Lounge   (pop styles N°1)                                

Hiphop   (pop styles N°1)







Buffalo Trail                                  


Blue Train   (trains)                                         


Red Train (trains)                                            


Yellow Train  (trains)                                     


Green Train (trains)                                      




Trans Europa Express                   


Smooth Going Body Lotion         


Strong Tobacco                               


Trance    (pop styles N°2)                                          

Metal       (pop styles N°2)                                      

New Age  (pop styles N°2)                                           

Indie     (pop styles N°2)                                               

Soleares  (flamenco inspiration)                                           

Malagueña (flamenco inspiration)                              

Sevillanas   (flamenco inspiration)                                

Bulerias  (flamenco inspiration)                                 

Seguiriyas    (flamenco inspiration)                                    

Rumba Flamenca  (flamenco inspiration)


The Poisoned Apple                     



guitar  and  other instruments


Moods & Masks



Quintessence Sonata

Guitar and Violin                                  


Dreamland Songs on

Poems by E. A. Poe                                           

I Temperamenti

Sonata for Guitar and Harpsichord              



Guitar and Percussions                                  


Mare Sonate 




guit. ensemble, Violin/Clarinet                            

Flying Carpets                                       

flute & guitar ensemble






guitar orchestra /ensemble


Rio de Janeiro Suite

Maxixe, Chôro, Baião, Modinha, Samba                            






(2nd guitar symphony)                        


Mambo Chutney                             


“Call From Afar”                 

 (1st guitar symphony)   


All Hands On Deck                             




mandoline Solo


Fingerfood 1 (25 studies)            


Fingerfood 2 (12 studies)            


Mandopolis  Vol.1   

12 scordatura fantasies   I-III                           


Mandopolis Vol. 2                                   

12 scordatura fantasies IV-VI


Mandopolis Vol. 3                                   

12 scordatura fantasies VII-IX


Mandopolis Vol. 4                                
12 scordatura fantasies X-XII




plucking orchestra


Die zertanzten Schuhe                 



Primavera Concerto                 



Rio de Janeiro Suite                     
Maxixe, Chôro, Baião, Modinha, Samba





DZ  =     Les Productions d’OZ Québec


EK =       Edition Kalimba


GH =      Edition Hug Zürich




DZ 410


DZ 531


DZ 584


DZ 654


DZ 1192


DZ 1197


DZ 1698


DZ 1862


DZ 2327


DZ 2339


DZ 2342


EK 08


EK 19


EK 20


EK 34


GH 11389


EK 56


GH 11527


GH 11608


GH 11630


GH 11749


GH 11750


HL 26883


V&F 319


V&F 323


EK 90


EK 91


EK 68


EK 71


EK 70


EK 72


EK 60


EK 61


EK 65


EK 59


EK 64


EK 63


EK 57


EK 66


EK 62


EK 69


EK 67


EK 74


EK 73


EK 54




DZ 419


DZ 420


DZ 421


DZ 422


DZ 442


EK 44





DZ 651


EK 01


EK 02


EK 03


EK 04


EK 09


EK 10


EK 11


EK 12


EK 17


EK 24


DZ 418


DZ 1293





EK 57



DZ 721


DZ 864


DZ 1347


DZ 1348


DZ 1353


DZ 1354


DZ 1355


DZ 1449


DZ 1534


DZ 2086


EK 06


EK 13


EK 14


EK 15


EK 16


EK 18


GH 11500


EK 28


EK 29


EK 49


EK 50


EK 51


EK 52


EK 35


EK 36


EK 37


EK 38


EK 39


EK 40







EK 26



DZ  432



DZ 2068



DZ 2092



DZ 2477



DZ 2490



EK 07



EK 33



EK 30






DZ 2353



DZ 1744


DZ 2064


DZ 2490



EK 31


EK 53



EK 41


EK 32





EK 25


EK 05



EK 45



EK 46




EK 47



EK 48



DZ 2346





R 9540


EK 54


R 978 P


R 9539


DZ 1624









HL =       Henry Lemoine Paris


V&F =   Vogt und Fritz Schweinfurt


R=          Trekel




guitar solo



les Barricades Mysterieuses   (F.Couperin)


12 Fantasien Vol. I   ( G.P.Telemann)       


12 Fantasien Vol. II  (G.P.Telemann)         


12 Fantasien Vol. III (G.P.Telemann)        



Cello- Sonate a-moll FXIV N°3 (A.Vivaldi)



Präludium- Aria- Giaccona       (H.I.F Biber)

(from mystery sonatas)



Präludium – Passacaglia            (H.I.F Biber)


(from mystery sonatas)



La Bamba (Trad.)                          


Assyrian Woman Mourners


(G.I. Gurdjieff)                 


I don’t know how to love him ( Jesus Christ,Superstar)


Celtic Guitar (music by Turlough O’ Carolan)           



guitar duo



Klavier -Sonate KV 545   (W.A. Mozart)   


Concerto N° 3 RV 310  L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N° 5 RV 519  L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N° 9 RV 230  L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)  



Ernesto Nazareth Book 1

Odeon- Tenebroso- Batuque


Ernesto Nazareth Book 2                               

Apanhei-te cavaquinho. – Turbilhao de Bejos-  Escorregando


Ernesto Nazareth Book 1

Brejeiro- Fado Brasileiro- Confidencias


Sonata N° 118 (P.Soler)


le tic toc choc ( F.Couperin)


Odeon (E.Nazareth )



guitar trio


Concerto N° 6 RV 356  L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N° 7 RV 567 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N°12 RV 265 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)



Divertimento N° 1 original für 3 Bassetthörner (Mozart)        


Divertimento N° 2 original für 3 Bassetthörner (Mozart)


Divertimento N° 3 original für 3 Bassetthörner (Mozart)


Divertimento N° 4 original für 3 Bassetthörner (Mozart)


Divertimento N° 5 original für 3 Bassetthörner (Mozart)



guitar quartet


Menuett -Trio (Boccherini)   


Concerto N° 1 RV 549 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N° 2 RV 578 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N° 4 RV 550 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N° 8 RV 522 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N°10 RV 580 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)


Concerto N°11 RV 578 L'Estro Armonico (Vivaldi)



Stringquartett op.2/2 (Haydn) 


Garifalia chanson grècque (GR)   (easy world quartets)                            

Tarantelle (I)    (easy world quartets)


Anneli wo bisch geschter gsi (CH)    (easy world quartets)


Misirlou (GR)            (easy world quartets)


Cadineasca (ROM)    (easy world quartets)


Ungala We (AUS)      (easy world quartets)


Lille Mats (SUE)         (easy world quartets)


Earth Song (CAN)      (easy world quartets


Margarita Y Linda Ballesteros (PAN) (easy world quartets)


Automne (F)



Badinerie (J.S.Bach)  


Discovering Tango Together


Discovering Renaissance Together   


Mazurka op6/1 (F.Chopin)


the art of fugue


Contrapunctus N°1         (J.S.Bach)


Contrapunctus N°2         (J.S.Bach)


Contrapunctus N°3         (J.S.Bach)


Contrapunctus N°4         (J.S.Bach)


Contrapunctus N°5         (J.S.Bach)


Contrapunctus N°6         (J.S.Bach)


The Entertainer (S.Joplin)


Spinning Wheel (Blood Sweat & Tears)



guitar and other instruments


Habanera (G.Bizet)                      

Guitar, Violin, Vocal


Sonatine Woo43 (Beethoven)  

guitar and mandolin


Sonatine Woo43b (Beethoven)

guitar and mandolin


Sonatine Woo44a (Beethoven)

guitar and mandolin


Oxford Symphony (J.Haydn)    
guitar and mandolin


La vida breve    (M.de Falla)

harpsichord/organ and guitar


guitar orchestra /ensemble


Sevilla    (I. Albéniz)                        


Asturias (I. Albéniz)                        


Cordoba (I.Albéniz)                      

Concerto Grosso op6/6    (G:F: Händel)     


L’Orfeo  (C. Monteverdi)       

Bolero (M.Ravel)                        


integral 8 guitars


James Bond Theme 007


Guitar Concerto D-Dur (Vivaldi)


Back in the USSR      (The Beatles)


Because                     (The Beatles)


Girl                              (The Beatles)


I Will                            (The Beatles)


Lady Madonna         (The Beatles)


Lucy In The Sky        (The Beatles)


Ob-la-di-ob-la-da     (The Beatles)


Moonlight Serenade      (G.Miller)


In The Mood                      (G.Miller)


Primavera Porteno          (A.Piazzolla)


Sevilla (5 guitars)             (I Albeniz)


If You Leave Me now      (Chicago)


Irish Suite           (Trad)


Millers Dance                       (M.de Falla)

Ritual Fire Dance                 (M.de Falla)

Cancion                                 (M.de Falla)

Romance del Pescador      (M.de Falla)


Ungarischer Tanz N° 1         (J.Brahms)










DZ 470


DZ 478


DZ 479


DZ 480



DZ 412



DZ 491




DZ 492





DZ 2422









EK 56







DZ 524


DZ 553


DZ 555


DZ 559



DZ 825



DZ 839



DZ 848












DZ 556


DZ 557


DZ 562



DZ 2411


DZ 2393


DZ 1413


DZ 2414


DZ 2415





DZ 512








DZ 558


DZ 560


DZ 561



DZ 915



DZ 994


DZ 995


DZ 1169


DZ 1275


DZ 1317


DZ 1318


DZ 1455


DZ 151


DZ 1495


DZ 1186



DZ 2021


EK 21


EK 22

























DZ 615



DZ 1787



DZ 1787



DZ 1810



EK 27








DZ 390


DZ 398


DZ 500


DZ 419


DZ 467


EK 23

















DZ  =     Les Productions d’OZ Québec


EK =       Edition Kalimba





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